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Community of Practitioners

Community of Practitioners Meeting 16 May 2012

Kevin Stranack noted:”there are increasing numbers of informal networks sharing information online outside of magazines, journals and academic or scholarly communication. These informal networks create different kinds of knowledge that is useful for practitioners. As a result, conference presentations and articles for publication have started to bubble up from these conversational threads online. There is a lot of value within informal communication online whether or not it becomes part of a peer reviewed process.”

Deborah Kahn remarked that:”there are benefits for smaller journals and institutions when they publish online content that is free and publicly accessible. There has been increased international exposure for African instiutions when they deposit their research in institutional repositories which has improved their rankings; small journals such as Acta Veterinaria Scandinavia have seen their impact factor increase and have new contributors and readers now that they have moved to an Open Access Model.


Community of Practitioners – Members

Victoria Henson-Apollonio – Expert in agri-food innovation and IP management.

Victoria’s experience and networking in agrifood innovation are a cornerstone to managing this project and supervising the thesis of Nael Thaher, see below.

Deborah Kahn– Publishing Director of Bio-Med Central 

Deborah’s career over 20 years in academic publishing has spanned STM journal and book publishing, database publishing, and research and consultancy. She has been a supporter of open access since the beginning. A mathematician by training, she also has a Masters degree in Organisational Behaviour and a Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy.

Heather Morrison

Doctoral Candidate at SFU School of Communication. Heather specializes in transformative change in scholarly communication towards a global knowledge commons, a vision of all of humankind’s collective knowledge shared freely with everyone, everywhere, for the public good. Heather is also a Coordinator at BC Electronic Library Network and adjunct faculty member at UBC’s School of Library, Archival and Information Studies.  Links to most of Heather’s work (published, informal and in-progress) can be found from the links on her scholarly website http://pages.cmns.sfu.ca/heather-morrison/, or her blog, The Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics, http://poeticeconomics.blogspot.com

Kevin Stranack

Professional librarian working on open source software projects (PKP and reSearcher) with Simon Fraser University, and a graduate student in the Master of Adult Ed program at the University of Regina.

Nael Thaher, Project Staff

Doctoral candidate at the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development, Ontario Agricultural College, U of Guelph. He has B.Sc. & M.Sc. in Plant Agriculture.

Helen Hambly Project Co-Investigator <http://www.uoguelph.ca/~hhambly/>

My research focuses on communication and learning processes in agriculture, environment and rural development, both internationally and in Canada. Gender analysis of household and community issues in rural areas has also been a focus in my work. These areas are integral to the study and teaching of capacity development and extension, our graduate program at the Ontario Agricultural College, University of Guelph. Systems thinking influences our field of scholarship and specifically, the concept of systems of innovation to enhance agriculture and rural societies. Internationally, I am involved in research on rural radio in Africa, agroforestry extension in Ghana and more theoretical work on systems of innovation in Africa. In Canada, I am working on issues of rural broadband in Ontario and community media partnerships.

Chantal Phillips, Project Co-Investigator

I am a professional librarian with a background in international development education. I work in three areas of research. Currently I am exploring the creation of an electronic repository for applied agriculture research to support extension through licensing for free and open access to reports and other extension materials for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. I also am engaged in Tanzania at the village level with community engagement for poverty reduction through the creation of Village Information Officers. My third area of interest is cross cultural, supporting the Muslim Resource Centre in creating supports for reducing domestic violence through outreach for men, women and youth on safe families.

Definition: A community of practitioners exists because it creates value for its members. Over time, a community becomes valuable for its participants because it enables communication and interactions among people who have a practice in common. The community here includes individuals who are practitioners of knowledge transfer and translation (KTT) involved in thinking about, managing or making decisions about managing intellectual assets or intellectual property in agri-food innovation. This CoP is a space to come together, discuss and seek improvements in personal and organizational performance relevant to KTT and IP.

The convenors of the CoP are Helen Hambly and Chantal Philips.

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